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Experiê ncias with extraterrestrial….

Experiê ncias with extraterrestrial….

Experiê ncias with extraterrestrial are nothing more nothing less than one experiê ncia with the stranger of our reasoning.
They will be these really extraterrestrial beings, beings that inhabit the deepenings of the Land, beings spirituals or same beings of other dimensions.

This é the great enigma of investigating vérios, especially when in them we define the abduções!
With passing of the words, they go to understand the vérias opinions of varied investigating before its teses and inquiries throughout the years.

According to thousand of register if crê that the abduções had had knowledge I publish it in the ends of the years 30 principles of years 40.

But seré that these abduções alone had occurred exactly at the beginning of years 40?
It judges - that jé very before exists contact with cosmic beings as example, the Mayans, Crowds, Egyptians among others peoples of the antiquity.
As també m as very we know well we can find també m some of these evidê ncias in the same Bible and what Grande Misté hides; river of the Coffer of the Alliance!

To who it suggests that the Ovnis is between us since the principle, having written books where they present you evidence archaeological sufficiently interesting and ambiguous, with respect to support of its bases.
Many representations of winged beings with exotic helmets exist that hang in air in ovnis of varied forms and colors since the room milé nio B.C., but its interpretation must be looked - in the kingdom of the religion and mythology and not to have rationalized itself for our the great and intelligent scientists.

The half of sé culo XX the number of more constant comments of Ovnis reducing all the other cases more uncommon as ghosts and paranormal the whole world.
Estévamos to live the age of the flying record.

This new tendê ncia of the investigators of the paranormal before this situation had led to believe that of some form the extraterrestrial ones could be unconscious projecções of the mind human being.

From years 90, the Ovnis earns new enthusiastic and plus a legion of people in the érea of inquiry in field.
It is then that in 1991 é presented the first scientific inquiry for Budd Hopkins in she would seem David Jacobs.

These two great investigators, curious with the high numbers of comments ovni and stories of strange lights, study a form to be able to progress in an elaborated work of random form.
It is then that these consult and interview one mé adult American day of 6.000 North where they ask if some time had witnessed some thing is of the normal one while they slept, things of which these people do not obtain to understand or to understand before its reasoning.
- For example; if these if remember to at any time see light or countenances during sleep or of the day, as if some time had lost the notion of the time.
The investigators in only 119 people, that is 2% of the 6,000 people if remembered one or more cases of this nature.
The results speak by themselves.
The people seem to be to awake it for whom them this to modify the lives, and each time more is disclosed to this respect.
But as a senão always exists always!
I say senão because it is that to know to evaluate and to ponder the two sides of the currency.
Most scientific they believe that the abduções are only not paranormais aspects but yes more than alteration of collective state.
Example of this exactly the Dr. Ronald Siegel, of the College of UCLA, psychoanalyst where it approaches the behaviors of abdução in, human internal events with common causes enclose the fakes of memory, syndrome of false souvenirs, diverse states of consciê modified ncia, paralysis of sleep, dreams of false awaking, “discerning” dreams that they are those that in them seem so real that in them they take days to think about each detail of this dream, where one room of the population jé must have passed for this experiê ncia.

The for-scientific side jé advances with other ideas on this situation.
Therefore as we know ningué m é possessor of the truth and no matter how hard let us advance in the studies of this érea is always very difficult to effect any advance when we go up 5 steps immediately we have to go down 3.
The difficulties to effect a test for the scientific part també m it é made for bases of scientific concepts.
This for ciê alternative ncia of one forms generality if it becomes a little fécil to explain its beddings but everything in base of teologias and methodologies without any apparent test and palpével.
But the truth é that they are the ones that more resulted até to the moment in tê m presented with the many cases unmasked in these last years as the celebrity case in Portugal of the Carla Batista among others people not to advance always in the American term.

Let us see some cases here of what some investigators find on the extraterrestrial abduções and.

The Swiss Psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung, to these situations it called - it inconsciê collective ncia!
Segundo Dr. Carl Jung explains that this é made atravé s of a plasmético mental field inhabited by mitológicas creatures, in ours cé rebro had to a question of our culture and place where in let us find them.
As it can be a tradition of family on determined myths, that with the time cé feeds; rebro that in turn it creates these collective effect in the people, with feelings, fears one experiê common ncia of ours espé cie.
To another part pointed for the Dr. Carl Jung, é that the contacts with extraterrestrial can be a subjective reality where the abduzidos presumptions interpret in these terms, because in determined degree, é sociével making.
Jé in the antiquity the witnesses would have explained experiê ncia in accordance with a symbology.

The Dr.ª. Aphrodite Clamar, it says that how much bigger é the pressure exerted on the patient to remember itself of the details, plus it if strengthens for supplies them, but with unbelieving a reliable degree.
If the hypnosis é practised for people neutral and not total indifferent to the results, subsiste always a strong danger of it to be to be manipulated, what most of the time, is not armed with scienter and therefore, not é detected in the height.
També m is advantages, for the same reason where they do not attend strangers the sessions, rule nor always observed.
The minimum indication é it has accepted as test of an abduction for its high priests.
Algué is enough; m to have a frightful dream or a hunch desagradével in determined road.
Some of these suggestions base - in what it is assumed to perhaps remember of what much time happened hé, in the infência, without admitting that if it can deal with a false or deficient mandate.
The promising patients are investigated as witches of long ago and examined, in search of physical marks in the body confirmativas of its suspicion.
Ausê ncia of time é considered one crité infallible river as també m says to the Budd Hopkins to it.
Exactly in the lack of an appearance!
A professional hypnotist with much experiê ncia of the syndrome cannot have certezas of the alleged victims of abduction to possess one experiê real and not imaginéria ncia.

Jé the Investigator Jenny Randles, it has a more affirmative perspective in the abduções stops between extraterrestrial and human.
This alleges that it does not believe that a great number of extraterrestrial abduzir in physicist the human beings exists.
As this investigator after anélise and according to this alleges to have passed for these experiê ncias, exist a abdutiva form with the superior “beings”, where té exists one; cnica very evolved where if this can abduct the person when this to sleep in modified state.
Therefore é here that it believes that també becomes; m the communication with superior beings in its ships.
But as it affirms (I identified to diverse possible explanations for these experiê ncias and none of them this related to the physical transport of human beings on board a ship or Ovni. Of this I have certainty), Words of Jenny Randles.

In accordance with Jenny Randles, all the avistamentos of Ovnis and abduções in the physicist if incase - in four main categories: external events with common causes, external events with exotic causes.
1 - Vé nakeds, the shining star that for less the most understood in astronomy can confuse it with a Ovni.
2 - We have “FANIs” Fenómenos Atmosfé rich - Not identified.
Heavy atmosphere fenómenos elé ctricos and gés of the pêntanos.
3 - The illnesses and syndromes and paralysis during sleep among others that never more they finish.
4 - It is Mythology and the continuity to foment our subconscious mind.

I it stops being sincere I do not believe this methodology of the Dr.ª very. Jenny Randles.
It would be the same that to defend the espiritualidade and to place of part the Ovnilogia, of that all the works made for our colleagues in the past and gift were a loss of time.
When same it appeals to our older investigators to solve some of the works of it.
This as she herself alleges to have its proper experiê ncia!
Who alleges that it is not missed and is same it to fall in the 4 category, marked for same it!
But també exists; m here a senão!
Let us see Mythology Old.
As much I have referenciado in many of my works on extraterrestrial ovnis, contact etc.
Jé in the past the Sumé rivers, Egyptians, Mayans, You crowd, if they relieved to its Deuses that curiously all they were Deuses of the stars.
An invisible force that with passing of the years continued and if established in Mythology of what it can have not properly been a contact with another civilization of the space and Deuses.
The agreement of Deuses for our ancestor obviously would have to a total unknown technology on the part of the visitors stops with the human beings.

If to consider the Ovnis in the set of Metaphysical fenómenos not haveré the danger of that the Ufologia if becomes irrational so as the religious cults that if base on fé blind person, of believers without tests and preachers without conclusions.
This implies the érea spiritual!
Let us see the conclusion of Van Dyk, who considered this possibility of that being paranormais these canalizations of Espíritas can simply allow fancies of its proper subconscious mind or perhaps same to establish linking with beings deixarred a carne in the plain astral that if they amuse in it is deceptive - los.
Sincerely partilho entirely of these words.
Jé was possible to see in definitive situations the espiritualidade to want to take ownership of the Ufologia!
It would be a this more form to attract followers for a fancy world, false hopes as false prophets and false promises.
We always had it in the history of the humanity and to each day that passes new religions appear as new and false prophets també m.
Also jé exists Churches in some cities in the United States that are of worship to the extraterrestrial ones, and believes that these churches facturam many dollars of its believers who believe that they will be safe for foreign fleets.
The Ufologia is not limited to registar - é a emotivo and highly conceituoso subject, whose adepts, in many cases, if leave to influence for religious certainties or mere illusions.
The history or concept of the space brothers with one moral Know type - technological show of super inteligê superior ncia coats - with ocultistas special atractivos to originate new religions.

We have great men and women in the Ovni inquiry in our actualidade where its performance and beauty are louvéveis.
One of the people who more have worked in this érea has been the Hipnóterapeuta Dr.ª Gilda Moura, of which much has helped those that more needs support for its doubts and tremors on the distrust of possible abduzidos.
This Investigator specialized in abduções where it has efectuado vérias, lecture on the subject has a history of which partilho my proper opinion.
These beings can jé of some form be between us as hybrid, and others to be of ticket for our planet and to be of ticket and to use to advantage here to study our fauna and same ecosystem and ours espé cie as beings livings creature.
These extraterrestrial beings of some form can be what we call Biologists scientists and not of negative beings!
The Gilda Doctor let us call, has efectuado discovered to it thus incredible between drawings efectuados between diverse victims of abdução where it discovers similarities between its stories and drawings.
Seré that these victims had been in the same ship?
Seré that these people who never turn over in the life are to suffer category 4 efectuada by the Dr.ª. Jenny Randles!
Seré that exists same mythology in different places?
How much mythology é possible that yes.
Of this time I say to I myself for mine experiê ncia with a phenomenon in Portugal of name “Light of the Caniceira”, where in Brazil it has more than a name as, Douro Mother, Fatu Fire, Mother Land and até Ox Taté.
Most curious é that when we speak in extraterrestrial beings in vê m has lain beings “GREYS” that we observe very divulged in the Internet.
Then my friends, exist things the one that mythology can pass of legend the reality.
Reinaldo Coutinho an investigator and in mine to understand one of the best ones in the érea of Brazilian Mythology, in says them of a case in one of its books (Head - of - Cuia), that according to history of this being é witnessed in Rivers north-eastern Brazilian and its physical aspect too much similar to GREY.
Here if category can add is 4, or then seré that the possibility of one of these beings exists to have been imprisoned in the Land!
What we know Brazil é a country of great evidê ncias of comments of Ovnis, the increases of avistamentos do not stop to increase and alone in 2007 the numbers had beaten records.
This not to speak of the different thick partition walls between supposed abduções in this country.
In the South of Brazil it seems to exist plus a form of contact with beings the one that the people attribute the name to them of luminous beings.
But when the people if relate you are Negative abduções these seem to be to occur north-eastern of Brazil.
What she seems the people are pursued by flying objectos strangers and até exactly hunting they had capsized hunted.
Example of this exactly we have Terezina Piauí.
It seems to exist a imaginéria line in the central zone of Brazil where what it seems two actuam espé cies different.
Error or these is not the informative data of which jé I had the chance to argue with other investigators and to arrive at the consensus of that this can be a possibility in keeping in open.
Two espé perhaps cies that they are prevented mutually, for this reason is remained in imaginérias borders.
But the question é if they are two espé cies or exists more.
Stories exist where the people mention what one more than espé cie.

Recently a great discovery for a colleague and investigator and friend was efectuou, Mundinho Luis who during one of its research in tracks of dinossauros “Fosseis” efectuou an incredible one discovered.
Discovery this making in Brazil in a known Valley as Valley of the Dinossauros.
Marks of a track of a méquina in rock of the age Terciéria had been found.
I will not disclose the name of the place necessarily in order to remain safe the these magnificent discoveries for a study more deepened by scientific competent in the study of these vestiges.

Who would have constructed these marks?
The Dinossauros?
According to investigating above in the first photo, in a colloquy with me it spoke that these fossilizadas marks are marks of a méquina and that they date of good thousands of years.
Dinossauros certainly would not make these marks nor would possess méquinas so little.
But then we place the possibility of if being able to deal with a méquina of extraterrestrial origin, exactamente in the same way that we make when sending the Sounding leads for Mars.

They are discovered of that in they make them to be constantly to modify our opinions and doubts on determined subjects in relation are Ufologia.
These marks are gifts and good in the physicist.
What we know é possible if to make these marks when freed leached ashes of a volcano that with passing of the years these leached ashes if make solid if transforming into massivas rocks, thus preserving the marks.
But in this case nor volcano we have for the érea.
Plus one misté river.
But the truth é that according to this my great friend continues to speak that the inhabitants tell to strangers ufologicos events in the place.
Seré that these marks would be of a sounding lead to explore our planet in order to get answers of our atmosphere and habitability?
For the time being this é the only more reasonable conclusion and the test of that some device was here in the past are these same marks.
Let us wait that these can be investigated, be catalogued and preserved, far from the fanéticos similar to get profit with this preciosidade.
When showing these photos to the Inglê investigating s Bryan Scott, natural historian of the planet, this exactly was fascinated with this fantéstica discovery.
The first impression that had was of that effectively these marks are the test irrefutével that jé we are visited since the origin of the Land.
What we are to make in Mars in the actualidade, jé was made it in the past for other civilizations in relation is Land.
I always defended this thesis, as most reasonable since always, especially when in Morocco he is jé some years Archaeologists discover a skeleton of a Dinossauro to many meters of depth and this skeleton has a perforation in the top of the head of the animal the lead.
Algué perhaps m shot in that animal eliminating for its proper security as prohibited.
But who would have shot in livens up it?
Who would have weapons in é puddle Juréssica or Terciéria?
It continues to be great misté river.
Let us wait that inside soon let us get more information and many more images for my friend and that one has equipped can dislocate to the place in order ascertainments and anélises of the place.

But a case that in the Europe in them has intrigued sufficiently é when we speak of intraterrenos beings that live below of the ground.

Investigators exist that they affirm that intraterrenos beings exist, beings these that inhabit the interior of the land, in the same way that the fairies, gnomos alfes etc.
They would not be these exiled extraterrestrial beings in the Land?
Here they would not be housed in order in them to know a little better and our evolution!
Or they would be these in shelter!
They are aspects to think seriously.
The ones exist that believe that these always had been in the interior of the Land possibly até before ours espé cie human being.
But then as if porquê explains a time more; of More, You crowd Egyptians to venerate the Deuses of the stars.
After all these of where vê in?
Of the stars or the interior of the land?
Mountain range of the Hogfish Brazil and Serra of the Gardunha great Portugal keeps misté rivers até here for unmasking.
But and the case Hollow Land!
What we know the Land not é Hollow, the Land if divides for vérias sections since the Crust até to the Nucleus.
We have the example of when the Biologists they study the deep one of the Oceans and go down in nuni - submarine, the more go down more insuportével é the heat.
I believe yes that these have yes the capacity of if installing in gigantic cracks of some form in the interior of the Land.
But Hollow Land I do not believe for scientific ends of which I will not be able to ignore.
People exist who allege jé to have been in the interior of these foreign bases, but to be more truthful refutéveis tests would be necessary and not only words, even so its hypnoses thus indicate it as truthful cases.
But for where enter these beings?
How they obtain to enter in the interior of a Mountain range or Mountain?
Seré due you are its capacities of dematerialization!
The same form that occurs with the beings during the invasion of the rooms of its victims!
But will be same spirituals these abduções?
I do not believe that either, therefore jé we had vérios examples and comprovativos of as it it was not.
Even though not if it can that in its totality it is made in the physicist.
We have an occurred case the South of Portugal, more necessarily in the city of Sines where a name young Rossana, with only one 13 years, teré been victim of visits of strange beings of which it speaks to be extraterrestrial.
These cases had occurred in beginning of 2005, this young receives visits nocturnas indesejéveis and most curious é that it finishes for waking up in the morning street.
We could allege that it could be sonêmbula, but this question this is of part.
As é possible if this young only lives with the father, this that lives in fishes and alone the morning house returns.
This wakes up in the street with the locked doors and windows with the key in the interior of its house.
As é what it left?
Now let us think a little.
If the abduções are alleged by that they are only made in the spirit, as it can all the physicist appear in the street?
Having the father of Rossana the found one more than a time in the street when it comes of the sea.
Rossana spoke in diverse situations where lying it heard the passed ones of these beings in its house and when it was come close to its room that these are well together it and in some situations they touched to it.
Curiously hundreds of stories exist where they speak of these touchs in the body.
In one exchange of Mails on this situation with the President of the APO Mr. Aparicio Luis, this alleged that this touch apodem to be positive that it would be normal in the victims of which these are interested.
Also I remember myself of that até it could represent security for the victim according to Mr. Aparicio Luis.

But because in they abduzem them?
Seré that the known beings as Greys or Cinzas adoptam of one projecto are global scale of abdução of the human beings, because they are to suffer from some defect gené tico, where existê ncia of this espé cie can be at risk of extinguishing!
It is enough to repair in its small shrunk size and its acinzentada skin.
Or seré that they are same in the abduzidos ones in special in the women in order creating the perfect Hybrid.
Abduzidos exist many that they count that they had been shown to them that they were half foreign half human that really cannot have doubts of that algué m this trying to cross gené tica human being with the foreigner.
A possible reason for this would be that the foreign race é very old and this in saw to disappear.
It can have occurred that with the time its gené tica if atrophied or was to such distorted point that now they are to try to recoup the young gené tica of our race.
It is as if they were mitigating the damages by means of the combination of our genes with the ones of them.
Everything points so that the foreigners who are taking the handle such activities tê m a base gené similar tica to ours.
Human half foreign half.
The great problem é the lack of memory of many of our abduzidos ones.
To a very curious fact that the investigator Vand Dyk, half cé ptico alleges for diffidence, porquê , of abduzido rare to obtain to describe the interior of a ship with more details.
This é one another situation controversa.
It is here that many leave to believe the abduzidos ones.
But jé if had imagined of when goes to the hospital for less good reasons and in they take them of ambulência for a Hospital?
During the trip dependent of each situation, we go drugged with soros, and medicines etc.
When arriving in the hospital the person goes that half drugged and lying in a stretcher only alone she goes to be the tecto one and the light above of this seeing everything in its enevoado return.
Né this flies that é result of the induced chemical products in its organism.
The same it is transferred in the abduções.
The light també m in them confuses the space where let us can be seen to provoke encandeamento and in the chaining of the light, we finish for closing the eyes and we do not go to only see nothing thus we finish for in feeling a little to them confortéveis.
Perhaps either this the reason of that many abduzidos are not remembered of the interior of objecto or room where they had been.
The witnesses speak very in eliminate bitter taste in the mouth, eliminate this that poderé to be what she takes them to be without reaction of the body thus facilitating its transport and control and manuseamento.

We have the example of the case Betty Anderson in 1967 where it també m speaks to be in a full transparent chair of eliminates acinzentado, and that adocicado fed it with one eliminates, that it entered for a pipe in its mouth.
We have one another example of abduzido in Portugal of fictitious name Manoé l, that speaks that whenever é abduzido it passes two days trê s with néuseas and vomits.
It is with a strong palate in its mouth.
The same it occurs with the grévidas women who during the pregnancy, these have to effect one gone to mé dico where they take one I eliminate adocicado in order to see its reaction of stomach, where normally they finish for having respective vomits.
I myself jé I could see this experiê ncia during the pregnancy of my wife.
The people I do not say all but a majority of them finishes for being with one fort me indisposição after taking this eliminates as també m its arterial intention in some situations is exactly uncontrolled per brief instants.
Seré that this é same té cnica of our cosmic friends?
In the truth many coincidê ncias.
Invisible inhabitants

This é the case of where if it says of the ticket of a Vestibule and its invisible inhabitants.
This history can be found in the book Vestibule of Guillermo Raymundo a great friend of which I have great esteem.
Guillermo Raymundo é a great investigator senão one of the best ones in Brazil.
Here I present a part of its inquiry.
According to older of Peruibenses that in the old times roads for the bites existed.
Below of the current way, it saw - in certain nights a Vestibule.
A vestibule that according to its words if found open.
The inhabitants of Guaraú consider the sacred place and say that inside of the mountain a special life with invisible inhabitants exists very, the same according to run in the Mountain range of the Hogfish!
According to inhabitants of Guaraú, these invisible beings protect Peruibe and seem of some form to enter in what we call religion the stranger.
The same it was transferred in Fétima Portugal, where now something exists a gigantic Santuério in homage that they capsize which they had attributed to a religious entity.
But coming back again the Guaraú.
To the place where supposedly it would be this ticket Vestibule, if they had dislocated many people as també m esoté rich.
The described marks é of that the door if resembles to a giant snake the press in the rocky wall.
The people assign to this with an immense power energé tico, that old the people if dislocated to this place to acariciar seven times this vestibule or ticket, according to people believe that if to touch it seven times would go to attract happiness and prosperity to all the good intentions of the life.
A historian of which exists not é mentioned its name for the friend Guillermo Raymundo the one that this jé had the chance to see a countenance is midnight when it passed in front of this place.
According to description this being would be high of blond beautiful feições e, and that it crossed this rock where é the vestibule.
This mysterious one to be or high Man if dresses of white and has the described custom as in its book to be in the way of the bush to observe cé US its redor and até the sea, returning softly for the rock Door.
For this reason they call to it protector guard of Peruibe.
Cases of these are many the existing ones in Brazil and described in many books for investigating vérios.
This being with feições human beings teré the capacity to dematerialize as makes it the extraterrestrial ones supposedly, seré he himself a extraterrestrial one?
Plus an enigma.
The life é made of enigmas not é truth.
The Ufologia has as study subject the Ovnis where sé has its inquiry; it laughs dated at 1947, when ours jé known Arnold saw the Ovnis while it made the search of one another airplane that if would have crashed.
It was then that the word was recognized “Flying Records” a name a little ridicule but with bedding for what this would have described in its comment.
The vision of misté celestial rivers é previous sé is middle of ours; culo, and the writings of Charles Forte abundam very in interesting information on this nature.
I advise to read its books.
The entities with its nocturnos attacks of sexual nature, abductions for extraterrestrial beings constitute experiê ncias what the humanity always judges itself were subject.
But it was when the Ufologia subject gained contours and to discovered the these situations of abductions of varied origins so highly incomodativas that in deprive them of our proper freedom if it became for many people a suffering martyrdom and até of madness for others.
Poré m as é the case above of Guaraú, Peruibe these had been more for the religious act of fé.
The same in many other cases of comments of these beings.
But everything depends on each meeting or form of contact!
Each case of abdução or contact presents one experiê different ncia, is rare those that demonstrate similarities.
But it is that to analyze each situation weighed and never to fall in the first impression of reality.
També m that to know auto to evaluate the person victim, to be able to advance with an inquiry sé it laughs and not fantasiosa.

My friends I am this way.
I believe that this maté this laughs if to extend in too much.
I had the peculiarity of speaking in controversial subjects and repetidamente in determined situations during the construction of this article.
The idea é to place the mind to think during the reading time.
Let us say that in such a way we are always to revive the memory of all the interesting parts of the text.
Thus it facilitates to terms an idea of everything what this here described
We will more have many works of this ambiguidade.
Maté it laughs elaborated and investigated for - Nuno Alves.
Gratefulness to the friend, José Commander; Guillermo Raymundo and Luís Mundinho.

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