domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

Haunted television

Many médiuns talentosos affirm that they are capable to project images in sealed up films.
But others exist that say to be able to transmit images for the screen of a television set.
In this aspect, one of the cases most strange was told by the family Travis de Blue Point, New York.
The three children of the couple attended the television, when they turn a face to appear in the screen, overshadowing the program who tried to see.
Mrs. Travis did not believe history when they had counted to it, but was abismada when it saw the image with its proper eyes.
The face, form of a profile in silhouette, seemed to be feminine, and perfectly continued visible same with the off device.
The notice of the television " assombrada" it was spread quickly for all Blue Point.
E, during the two next days, sets of ten of people, also reporters, photographers and technician of tevê, had been a refugee to the residence of the Travis.
Each one had a different theory to explain as the face appears there.
Some of the witnesses, for example, had found that the profile was an electronic residue of the singer Francy Lane, who appears in the television in the previous day.
But this suggestion and others had not been accepted.
The image finally disappeared 51 hours later, so mysteriously how much it appears, even so diverse photos exist that they prove that it really existed.

Thanks a Frien Greice Brazil....

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