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Se OVNIs não existem, o que serão estas luzes na Flórida EUA?

Vídeo volta a vitralizar nas redes sociais.

Mais um estranho caso de luzes anómalas registadas em pleno oceano, voltam à polémica entre crentes e cépticos nas rede social, criando um debate frenético sobre a sua origem.

OVNIs "Objectos Voadores Não Identificados", não existem segundo cientistas e Governos.

Indialantic, Flórida  31 de agosto de 1994, hora 20:30.
Caso: 87314 Mutual UFO Network MUFON Massachusetts.

"I have a video I took in the early 90's of what the air force said the next day in the Florida Today were helicopters off of indiatlantic 20 miles offshore dropping flares in an excersize by a squadron that didn't exist any longer.Many people along the beaches apparently called in to the police.The issue with that story is I have video of the incident from 20 miles offshore- time and date documented as well as loran coordinates ( before gps).The video shows the loran, the afternoon fishing activities, and clusters (5 clusters I believe) of 2-4 bright lights materializing and disappearing- fading in and out.There were no helicopters anyplace and I know what flares look like, these had no parachutes, no smoke trails and did not lose altitude -- they were not falling.I never shared publicly - I mean claim the airforce was lying??... and still don't want scoffing or ridicule.. however this video clearly shows it's NOT what the Air Force reported that day with an air force squadron that was disparagedyears before as publicly announced in The Florida Today Sept 1 1994. I can't say what it was, but shows what it wasn't.An hour or so earlier there was a C-130 making low passes and circling in another area.I did not video that -- we were fishing.I suspect the military did know what this was, but flares they are not, or helicopters.These lights are in the same config as many other lights and sightings including the Phoenix lights and reports going back hundreds and thousands of years".

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