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UFO Netherland 1970

In the years of 1970, military dutches if had dedicated to the studies of the OVNIs that,
at that time, they acted in enigmatic and constant revoadas for on the European continent.
He consists, that one of these objects would have been abated for European military forces and led
for Rudloe Manor, in the British territory. We search the place
e we obtain to raise precious given of a privileged source.
ROTTERDAM - This is plus a history of who search information on unknown cases of the ufologia. Unhappyly, in this field, we do not have no type of support, either of the governments or any institution for the accomplishment of studies or financings of expenditures for these ends.
In such a way, I presumed that the only possibility to carry through them, would be to abandon my work in Portugal and to work in one another country. A chance appeared and broke in the day 1º of August of 2006, for Holland, where I inhabited until day 13 of January of 2007.
Initially it was difficult to conjugate the arduous work with the ufológicas inquiries.
Monster was the first city where I inhabited during five weeks. This city is to the South of Rotterdam (25 km), being very calm and with likeable people.
It did not have information on the city, neither of its tourist places. As distraction, it costumava to walk for the beach during the week ends. E was in one of these walked that I knew a person fantastic: opened to subject OVNI and true anonymous personage of the dutch ufologia.
IVANDERLAN - One is about one gentleman, whose fictitious name will be Ivanderlan, a remodelled former-military man that also has for habit, the practical one of walked next to the sea. We know ourselves curiously, because of its animal of esteem, one dog that it is put with me when we cross in them in the beach.
I greeted the animal, I talked a little with it and was the sufficient so that Ivanderlan understood that I foreign age. In Holland three languages are used basic, French, German and English, what it becomes the complicated dutch short while.
But, for who English speaks, does not exist any problem, therefore in Holland, the English is used as universal language. Ivanderlan asked to which age my native country and if it found me of vakatie “vacation”. I answered that age of Portugal and found that me in temporary work e, simultaneously, was to effect inquiries on account proper.
The principle, Ivanderlan judged of I to belong to the Policy, citing recent cases occurrences with Portuguese in Holland. One more time, I answered it found that me to work in the greenhouses, as half of being able to be in Holland and thus, to finance my inquiries on not identified aerial phenomena in that country. It smiled, and this me despertou the attention sufficiently.
It counted to me then, that in Holland it would not be easy to discover much information on UFO, due to internal politics and the control of information on the part of the government. It affirmed to possess some knowledge on such subjects. From now on, everything was uncurled on my ufológica inquiry in Holland: when already it was to lose the hope not to get information concerning UFO in that country, I obtained spoon a precious deposition, as we will see to follow, proving the not identified flying object performance in plus a nation that, of discrete form, always kept military interest next to the question.
Dutch military had searched UFO in the Europe in the years of 1970.
MILITARY and UFO IN the EUROPE - In the years of 1970, military dutches and civilians, looked at afoitamente for the sky. Radars of air traffic, astonished, followed strangers luminous objects and of metallic appearance, according to involved description of the pilots and people in the avistamentos.
Ivanderlan, former-radarista remodelled military man, explained me that everything that had beginning from 1970, when gave an enormous wave of these aerial objects on the Europe.
The fact despertou the national curiosity of military and governments, over all, for the supposed danger of strange objects. The UFO gifts in Holland in that decade, was put into motion from “impossible” speeds for any technology known in being able of the race human being - it considers, still in current times.
Ivanderlan told that, for times, it observed persecutions of these objects on military and exactly civil aircraft.
Propositalmente, did not tell with much precision on the related events to the phenomenon, due to obligator behavior of military secret and politician, of which, it alleged, already it had problems in the past, exactly, for telling cases involving OVNIs for the press of its country.
But it affirmed that “the truth must be explained the population and not to continue with the lies and escape of information, making the peoples to believe that these objects do not exist”.
Ivanderlan counted then, that it are prepared a military operation organized by United Nations in the decade of 1970 investigating the cases in that region of the Europe. For all the effect, ahead the public in general, such operation consisted itself of military training of routine, where forces military of Germany, England had been congregated, France and proper Holland.
FALL OF OVNI - It occurred that, in a region to the North of Holland, during such military exercises, one of these identified flying objects would not suffer a fatal fall - exactly in an edge where the military were gifts. Ahead the witnesses, everything led to believe that it would have been an accidental fall, however, Ivanderlan affirmed not to believe that the UFO has been accidentally, but yes, that would have been abated propositadamente for the military in operation.
Ivanderlan, technician air controller of radar, also counted that it constantly monitored these objects in set with military units of other countries, the intention to study the routes and the passages of the same ones.
For Ivanderlan, to such military operation of routine it would be only a form of the authorities to hide its intentions to abate one of these objects, with priority intention to know piloted who it and that species of technology they would have stop developing speeds and performances in flight, “simply impossible to the man”.
The flying object would be much coincidence to have accidentally fallen in a zone where military of an international force would be in operations. E more, the troops met in a ortotênica line, that is, where, curiously, it would be the one of the main routes used for the flying objects that came of the South of France and followed between Germany and Holland, disappearing North of this country - however, in other cases, determined UFO, when arriving the North of Holland if they dislocate for West of Germany.
Monument constructed in the city of Almere Stad in homage to the abated OVNI in Holland.
HUNTED ANTIAIRCRAFT? - The facts Are many that lead to believe that it existed on the part of some nations a “hunting to the UFO” in the Europe during those years of 1970, senão still in the present time.
It consists that the rough foreign aircraft in Holland was recouped and carried for the British military with aid of the other corporations in set.
Many civilians would have observed the fall of this flying object, but the people in charge to contradict any information would be the military.
The order was to keep the question in total silence.
During some time, silence pairou on the subject, but, with passing of the years, some of the involved military in this operation, had finished for telling public on the incident. However, some detached entities dutch politics and military had adopted measured drastic to keep this and the too much cases involving UFO in the country in total silence.
Ivanderlan commented for innumerable times that could not speak at great length on this subject, therefore did not desire to become involved itself again in problems.
However, it affirmed that it values to all those individuals that study untiringly and search tests of the extraterrestrial existence. It also affirmed that Holland is not opened to the subject, what it becomes difficult the accomplishment of research in that country.
Already innumerable relative substances to the fall of this aerial object in Holland, the point to leave had been published the most varied tracks on the untwined interest of the British government how much to the UFO in all the Europe. E, as we can observe, Rudloe Manor, in England, can have been the place for where this object would have been carried.
The Nuno investigator Alves, in Almere Stad, Holland.
MONUMENT - After the contact with the former-military man quickly I was transferred to the city of Rotterdam, where I inhabited during six weeks and I lost the contact with Mr. Ivanderlan total. With passing of the weeks and the end of the work, I was transferred northward of Holland, city of Almere Stad, situated the 30 km the East of Amesterdão, felt Germany.
As that for workmanship of the destination, in one of my “photographic Saturdays” for the landscapes of Almere Stad, I discovered an interesting device very: a monument to the UFO! [sees photos in this page]. I asked to one gentleman who that way passed, which would be the meaning of that work of art. The reply that I had, it are of that, it makes some years, it would have fallen in the region a stranger UFO and that the monument would have been made in homage the same.
This city is situated to the dutch North, the 30 km of Amesterdão (Germany direction), in direction the Kampen and very made sensible with the story Mr. Ivanderlan, who cited as local of the fall of the UFO, a situated city to the North of Holland, next Germany. Without a doubt, the place of the old international military activity in set would be in that one same zone, when the fall of the strange flying object would have occurred. With passing of the time, I discovered other interesting cases related with phenomenon UFO in Holland.
This was a discovery through my inquiries on UFOs is of Portugal. For me, it was difficult to be far from the conviviality with the family and friends, without me to communicate with the “groups” and friends of the Internet, in the direction to divulge these fantastic discoveries immediately, but it was valid the penalty.
“It has years circulated rumors of that ultrasecret inquiries were effected on
immediate meeting from the base of Wilttshire: Graham Birdsall, of magazine UFO,
it discloses the details in 1979; e eight years later, all the controversy around Rudloe Manor
it came the light of the day when Secret', of Tim Good - on fall of OVNI in Holland was published `Above Top”.
- Of the book Cosmic Accidents, Nicholas Redfern.
* Nuno Alves is integrant researcher and of the UFO-Portugal group.

If it will have more information on this in case that it wants counting in them. We are to try to collect more information.

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