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The truth that bothers

The truth that bothers é a subject for which I come to study is sufficient time in the community that investigates and studies the temética Ovni.
We are cliente that to investigate the fenomenologia Ovni never it was a fécil subject where exists many other oppositions.
But even so the many oppositions this é the more logical subject with in the field of exploitation in relation to other fenómenos as Ghosts and houses haunted between many other paranormais éreas.
Jé I participated in diverse lectures where it stows with people who do not believe of form some Ovnis.
But people, these that believe Gods and in many other subjects who do not present any, type of tests not to be for fé.
As majority of the people says immediately; This described one in the Bible.
- Therefore but if we know well today we have knowledge raised for alé m of the Bible with more reasonable explanations for determined described cases.
Jé was proven it diverse times for proper ciê ncia and the Church in form some revealed or contested.
Example of the case of Moisé s and Santorini Volcano that would have been the causer of an opening in the sea.
But other logics exist many.
The Ovni subject é followed for thousand or perhaps millions of people of all the continents.
I will be able to say that 2 in each 5 people jé had witnessed anomalies aé reas of which they do not obtain to present a logical and rational explanation.
But if they do not believe Ovnis what they make in the appointed lectures is Ufologia!
In the truth these people if feel attracted by the Ovni subject.
If it it was not, these would not be given to the work, to criticize and to be constantly to beat the same in subject.
These same speak in the lack of tests.
If it was due to tests today would not exist the study of the Ufologia.
Nor the press if would give to the work to publish and to edit the referring news is Ufologia.
We believe each time more than we are not alone.
Many exist evidê ncias of these mysterious beings.
Some tests still retrace very before existê ncia of the man.
Evidê ncias these finding in Brazil in the Region of Paraiba, and many other countries.
Marks of one twirled mecênico casting in rock that dates of millions of years.
But we have more innumerable cases that they defy the understanding human being.
For this challenge we have the Corp Circles, Marks of Landing of Devices, footprints next to mark of landing in France, Mutilations of animals and same the abduções that jé they had proved to be real and same of some of these cases were possible to effect the extracção of fragmentos the one that we call IMPLANTATIONS.
Some people ask - which to me the bedding of such implantations in the human beings.
The reply not é difficult had to the same make here in the Land with others espé cies animal.
Our Biologists jé make it are many years, where they place implantations in the animals for scientific ends the study of espé cies intended.
These results aim at to study which the type of migration or lease of greater frequê ncia of these animals, as també m to make a territorial reading of these and zones of feeding.
The same if it could make in relation the human beings.
The fiction films nowadays transmit each time plus this reality even so of a fantasiosa form.
But we continue with a very great debate.
The tests where they are!
Geomé on the basis of exists innumerable tests since fragmentos collected in mines material solid with forms; dated tricas and of millions of years.
Artefactos these finding to many meters of depth.
Example of this the case of 1868 in Hammondsville, Oaio, the USA, where the miner James Parsons finds in a coalmine a slate wall covered of registrations that date for little of are two million years.
The registrations were very idê nticas you are described in the Egyptian walls.
In other mines objectos metélicos are found the great depth with forms geomé tricas.
Material this that dates of thousand of years.
Seré that would be works of art on the part of the dinossauros!

The stories of military and exactly civil pilots exist who constantly tell its comments during flights.
Photographs of these objectos also exist and same videos with real images.
But també m we live in a world where the manipulation exists where the technologies make incredible images.
Digital manipulations exist that become indetectével almost the frauds.
The programs are the same one that ours cineastas uses in the production of images 3D for its films or same publicitérias parts.
The people with little knowledge of these programs finish of some form for believing such images.
She is necessary to have common-sense and to be is tangent of the reality.

The same é related Religious the entities cosmic.
People exist who believe that parked ships exist next to the Planet Land to save the humanity.
Seré reality or only plus a fancy of which the people of a history had created a myth and followers!
The truth é that of year for year this wave has profit many adepts.
Associations spread for vérios countries also exist following as é the example of the Raelianos, movement this directed by Claude Vorilhon.
All the subjects must be collated openly and of ênimo it has taken and of a form obtusa, scientific destorcida not having ignored the parêmetros and facts.
After to read many information on a supposed Intergalactica Confederation points in history exist that do not coincide.
Supposedly this Confederation would be protecting the human beings of invading foreign races, and from some form espé would not fire the privacy invasion on ours; cie.
The same we make with our animals domé sticos on its predators.
Some people allege and affirm pé s together that this confederation seré the salvation of the human beings.
But seré exactly that é as this described one in the Internet!
Jé we hear this history is many years.
Who published the original text?
As I remember this first event would have occurred algures in the African Desert.
But the people jé had copied texts ones of the others in such a way that history completely prolongated and destorceu its originalidade.
(Who account a story adds a point).
It is possible seeing of history for history of people who moderate spaces in the Internet.
We will be able to find other texts that even so with some difficulty or it searchs exhausting demonstrate the controversial side of history.
According to foreign race Plê iades would be if preparing to rescue human due to one catéstrofe planetéria.
Catéstrofe this that not in é referenciada.
This espé cie would be made use to make front is respective Confederation with armed ways.
As some writings in the Internet allege that these beings are very advanced militarily.
They are espé cies stronger between the many races existing and feared by all.

Now let us review maté it laughs.
If these beings are made use to collate a Confederation to save or to rescue human beings, where place are the Confederation?
In such a way the Confederation not é properly a protectora of the human beings!
Example of this the continuations of existing abduções still nowadays, the mutilations of animals and many other fenómenos related with these.
We continue to have comments and invasions of our space aé reo.
As we can see does not exist até to the moment any same point-key that in says them that this supposed confederation in them is to protect or exists!
To many years that we send sounding leads and saté lites for the space and with we potentíssimos telescopes we track stars and planets in search of intelligent life and an agreement with what in it encircles them.
We sweep the space and nothing of a Intergalactica station!
Example of this, we have the program of the NASA that finishes this year 2008 on Meteor tracking that is in movement and represents danger to the planet Land, Vigilência NEOS.

If it existed would have been easily identified had to the programs that detect the irregular movements of celestial bodies.
It could say that a strong myth was created very that é led on a belief UFO - Religious.
Let us see of this the confrontation enters this Confederation stops with espé cie Plê iades.
However, if the Confederation in wants them to protect, then because it does not want that the Plê iades in rescues them?
All the words on this subject in take them are peace messages harmony and love.
The same words that the church uses stop with its faithful.
They are també m exactamente the same words that the religious ceitas use to receive following more.
E let us see that it has a very interesting expression that é to divulge this subject to other people.
Of the form to get more following, in the same way as if it spreads a virus.
Both the functionings are idê nticos.
But as é obvious it fits to each one to differentiate the reality.
They are necessary palpéveis tests, thing that we do not do without moment to be able to give an affirmation on this subject.
As it stows me to inform on the Plê beings; iades.
Plê iades
The Plê iades is a colectividade of extraterrestrial of the system estrelar Plê iades. Its culture é old and it seems to come of another universe of love, much before the Land having been bred. They had been a wonderful society which live with ideas and ideas that not yet in are familiar.
The Plê iades projecto had started one to continue and to inspire the terrestrial human beings to take in return its force interior and to create a better reality for they themselves.
They are here as ambassadors of another universe to help the land in its transistion are third dimension are fourth and to attend each one of us in the effort of awareness and interior knowledge.
As its projecto has of if becoming very successful, many other foreign races if have joined to the group, some até of other systems solar.
Thus the group recently changed the name of Plê iades for Plê iades Plus.
They teach the form of personal and social Metaphysical energização, with love and of a clear form.
The Plê iades speaks as a colectividade and not individuals. They do not appear under physical form, but they can be wanted. They find insurance to send its messages atravé s of the canalization and not to attract much attention.
Uma espé cie of space law “Galéctica Confederation” forbids them to intervene with the great events of the Land, but in case that it happens, for example an atomic war, and this reaches great dimensions, the Plê iades will go to intervine, but not to finish with the war, they will only diminish consequê ncias.

Everything é called the people who had heard the history of that if they say contactadas.
Others say, that they had passed these experiê ncias personally.
But who in guarantees them that they are to say the truth!
But they will be these people of total confidence?
Agê space ncia American NASA and Europeia ESA before any space launching has the well-taken care of had one to eliminate bacté you laugh, terrestrial endosporos in order not to provoke any human impact in the space.
The same é made with the facts and all the equipment after space mission and return are Land for decontamination.
This would imply també m that a foreign presence would have the same precautions when entering in contact with the natural human beings or our ways.
Situation this very portraied well in it I finish Film the War of the Worlds where the extraterrestrial ones die due are contamination of bacté you laugh terrestrial.
E in this case the stories is of people with suits of fécil access of contamination stops with the human beings.
Let us see that stories exist of that these beings appear very of similar clothes as of the Romans in the past or the actuais vestments of Muslim peoples who live in éreas of heat and desert.
But for the said Intergalactica Confederation the clothes é very similar according to descriptions you are of the actores of the film Star Treek.
Of very fécil I infect.

One of the actuais strong subjects is the many photographs that appear in the Internet.
People exist who take off photographs and they send them for the investigating varied ones of Ufologia for ends of anélise.
It is possible if to find the type of image all.
In special fraudulent photographs where not yet it is obtained to understand to certain which the objectivo of the people when presenting such images and still to give one to appear of honesty.
Two versions for this end exist.
1 - The people want of some form to call the attention the public and també m they to enter in a world of the Ufologia nor that for this they have to appeal are fotogréfica manipulation.
2 - Or these people want to denigrate the Ufologia creating conflicts and descré said in the investigators and community as to enjoy with the face of who if she dedicates to this study.

But we must have in attention that exists people who had caught something in the photos that do not turn due the distracção.
It does not mean that all the people are to lie whenever they present images for anélise.
But when analyzing an image and identifying as a bird, flyer or another one objecto known, the owners of the photos are rebelled and as if offended.
For times nor always é what one expects.
As they are not satisfied they leave for other places in search of algué m that can analyze the image in question again.
These people alone stop when getting the reply who want to hear (Ovni).
Nor that for this the analyst either a person whom he knows to pass colors and filters in the image, but that in the reality he does not understand nothing of treatment and anélise of image.

Cases in special exist of people who profit much money from a false Ufologia.
These make propaganda me fé , where they take the people to believe that manté m contact with entities not Terrenas and that to have access to these entities it is that to pay a good monetéria amount.
The used project é very fécil.
It presents - the excuse that the comments are made in private lands and that for this é necessary some money to deliver to the proprietério owner of the land to allow to the access to the place of contact and comment of these ships.
These people if dislocate to the contactados places with the respective ones and what they obtain to see are mere luzinhas distant and next to the ground.
Some people friends jé had participated in these events and what they had observed it was only one manipulation where luzinhas was manipulated by other people who if found for this end creating també distant; m movement in shrubs.
As é natural this money in the end é divided between all the ones that had organized these false contacts or comments of Ovnis.
When it knew of this situation I moved away myself from some people who are part of this group that lives deceiving and exploring the people with a false Ufologia.
Unhappyly this é a current reality that teima in spotting who truily dedicates to the study sé river of the Ufologia.
The ones that discovers later that they had been been deceptive quickly pass the information of that victims of burla enganosa for contactadas people had been who if say studious of Ufologia and.
It is in such a way that if the doors close each time more are Ufologia with the ignorência of the people due to the distrust and descré said for algué m that wanted to gain fécil money deceived the believers.
This é the incredible world of the Ufologia.
These “false” people that they call themselves contactadas present other important factors.
They present ilusionismo tricks and finish for leaving saying that they had been to be able offered for extraterrestrial beings.
It is very fécil to make these tricks of illusion, for this exist local appropriate that vendem books explaining as if to initiate in the Ilusionismo.
If such people had such supernatural powers they would not be in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile among others countries.
It would be certainly in the United States to work for agê governmental ncias.
It did not need to be to vender illusions with cheap tricks taking the people to a deep ignorência.
Or seré that all the existing Ilusionists are or had been contactados by extraterrestrial!
Whenever people with some development appear are of the vulgar one, the United States paid the tickets of airplane and stay to be able to study this person.
E case this discloses to have such psychic powers it finishes for being invited if to form in the E.U.A and to work with the American Government.
Example of this the amateur Astronomers who obtained with a simple telescope to see things that NASA did not obtain to see with the most powerful telescopes.
Reason of the cause; Retina of the eyes of the person very developed.
E as é natural these in majority finish for being to work with these agê ncias, what it becomes for being an only chance.
Another example é of a girl in the Russia that obtained to have a vision that functioned as one espé cie of Ray X.
It obtained to cure people.
When this gained fame and knowledge the Americans a time had more invited it to make one sé rie of examinations in order to know if this would be plus an endowed super child.
The results had been inconclusivos but it finished for entering in medicine in a Russian University in order to develop what its eyes saw gaining more knowledge.
Situation this passing in the Discovery Channel.

Another one of the examples that we have is the known abdutions

Cases of abductions exist effectively where these people appeal the specialists in hypnosis in order to know the truth that torments them.
But on the other hand the false abduções exist!
During 11 years of study and inquiry jé I had the chance to see a little of everything as the majority of that if they dedicate truily to these studies.
The false ones abduzidos nowadays have a great atracção for the press for edition ends and vendas of periodicals and magazines.
E adores to see its names in the Internet in Sait´s.
They adore to have recognition in some thing since that they are spoken…
Of some form these people finish for vender its histories.
Had it is serious económica crisis that if lives in the actualidade a percentage of people saw in this situation a chance of vender a history that can be created with the greater of the easinesses.
It is enough to read some cases of abduções of other people and to be to understand the behavior and storms lived for these to make a similar history where they do not pass of colagens of vérios last cases.
The mind has the capacity to make to believe these facts later.
This proven by ciê ncia and in special for the medicine, where they present examples of psychological pregnancy.
I know cases of animals that suffer from this syndrome and també m of a person friend who believes to be grévida where the symptoms is truily idê nticos are pregnancy.
But that mé dicos jé for innumerable times had discarded this, to be effectively grévida.
We have other cases of people who believed to be to be abducted by beings of other planets.
These people to if had lain down and to awake e, after that they met to many quilómetros of distance of its residê ncias é of if scaring.
The ones that if did not find the quilómetros of distência but despertam in its residê ncias presented marks and cuts in its bodies.
What these people did not know é that they suffered from sonambulismo.
Some of these people during its sonambulismo if dislocate pé others in its proper viaturas if moving away drastically from its residê ncias.
A study mé came to prove accompaniment after; dico that if dealt with sonambulismo.
The person when she meets in this state obtains to mutilate proper it without feeling any effect of pain.
As també m to lead a viatura or até if to feed in the perfect conditions.
But to the wakening all these pains will be felt and as é natural the person in cause is alarmed.
Some of these people and familiar knowledge sleep in rooms prepared for this end where this é closed for it are in order to prevent an exit nocturna.
In a program of Television it was possible to see in first person these incidents that had been recorded in clinics of treatment to the sonambulismo.
These had only believed not to be about abduction for beings bené volos when they turn the recorded images for mé accompanying dicos of the inquiry.

We have another type of people who are carenciadas or of spirit weakker than they believe that they are abduzidas by everything and for nothing.
These people feel tremors and are suspicious the night.
I had the chance to follow a situation of these recently.
This when seeing a film with extraterrestrial during the night had nightmares with what it capsizes during the film.
The mind all creates illusions in the body and space to its redor.
The directions are in alert méximo and the person believes that she hears things to its redor what an attack of pênico fear provokes it.
When the adrenalin goes up this is frégil and at some moments it can also lose the directions, being asleep per brief minutes.
The body é off had is confusion generated for the person, visual and auditory information that it sends to cé rebro inexact information that in turn are disconnect as if was one to restart of a commutator to be again operational.

They are these brief minutes of inconsciê ncia that takes the person to believe that it suffered a abdução.
But because seré that whenever the visit to one is suggested hipno - therapeutic these people refuse!
It is here that it beats true misté river.
My modest opinion I believe that they know that they are not abduzidas but that they try to take the handle a false abdução.
This makes with that it obtains to attract other people for its half one where counts its adventures and peripé cias.
But they exist també m imperfections that we can apanhar with easiness in these cases.
One of them was where a person who initially spoke that its abduções were negative, but that later in colloquy with another one she finished for contradicting what would have affirmed in the past where currently affirmed that its abduções were positive.
They are these details that we must analyze.
These people majority of the times present emotional depressions for what I could evidence.
Before the many inquiries and exchanges of information with other colleagues in the érea of the Ufologia always I evidenced that é important if not to create affirmations before one anélise preliminary exhausting when we do not deplete all the exits or resources.
But people exist whom its first comment stops affirms that é Ovni or Extraterrestre.
Others on the other hand affirm that not.
For this we must appeal to varied té cnicos specialized in image and possible investigators in order to obtain to get méximo of anélises.
The mutual contribution in the Ufologia facilitates one better anélise.
Five investigators obtain to detect more details that one only.
For this we have a very interesting program in Brazil that has the name of Intelligent life that it passes in the television station of Florianapolis, programs this presented by a great friend (Eustéquio Andrea Patounas) more known for Greek.

This my friend presents a program where it leads I publish vérios to it specialists spoken of each boarded subject in the programs.
In such a way the misticismo is not created but yes the objectividade of if taming the truth and seeing the vérios points of anélise and criticizes in the subject.
In one its programs me it called the special attention in a subject where this said of images and projecção of these in our mind and spirit.

When seeing this image the top, it in them transmits peace automatically and ours cé rebro obtains to make a trip to the place where in we imagine them taking a walk in this wonderful place and seeing all this beauty even so this is artificial.
This é the true one to be able of the mind.
With this type of images we go to be with positive energies that in them raise to a higher platform of tranquilidade and good, to be with proper us.
We go to feel interior a peace tremendous.

But if a person to see an image of these.

Certainly the mind will wander for one another less positive level. The distrust and panic take the person if to righten and to be thoughtful with the image that in turn creates the said psychological film. In special during the night... That is related to ace weakker people mentally and psicologicamente. The people would have of some form to try to better understand our brain and its functioning. Beyond in them transmitting distrusts fears and until the joy and happiness it also has the capacity of in saving them in extreme situations of survival. The brain lodges a sensorial system that when the organism loses the reaction this asset a secondary system that makes the body to pump more blood and oxigénio and in saving them of situations that we judge already lost, as the adrenalin increase that in makes to be delirious and to see them things that are not gifts as for example to see light or beings. The brain in you go them to search what more in it terrifies them in order to increase the dose of adrenalin that in keeps them awaken. Experiences these told by many alpinistas that already had suffered situations from survival and tell to its experiences leading its body to the limits. The same it is related by toxicodependentes when taking estupefacientes, called (Ecstasy) that they create the increase, of adrenalin in the Discotecas and the effect of illusion and comment of inanimate beings among others. The Ufologia simply does not assign to the study of Ovnis or extraterrestrial beings. For these subjects we have to enter in fields that for times in are total unknown as the Parapsicologia, Geology, Astronomy between many other areas. To investigate the Ovni subject is not to be seated behind a computer and to be to read recent substances or to comment images that go appearing. She is necessary to study and to try to better understand the some factors for terms a more detailed conclusion of the subject or described subject. Currently I am not a great example of this had á availability lack, but always that I can I try to attend the didácticos programs as Astronomy, Aviation, Human Body all the programs that in them are useful and can of some form increase our general culture. This general culture in goes to help to understand them fenómenos with more precision and to give one another different perspective on determined subjects. With passing of the years I was seeing that some teses that defended in the past were missed. But for this I had to learn, to study and to investigate, to see in as it was made a mistake. We have to be prepared to assume always these errors and not to be been silent as if nothing it is transferred -. I do not call myself as a great investigator or something that if seems. I am one of the many curious ones that it is dedicated to this study and it takes the Ufologia with seriousness where I try to cautiously adverbiar each situation with the acquired knowledge and when the difficulties appear this imply to appeal á opinion of many that are in this area and others. Á some months I had the chance to attend an interview to an investigator of abduções that much spoke and the final conclusion is that this seemed perplexed very all the situation. This Sir being a well formed person very and of great scientific knowledge was not more correcto. Always that one said in the abduções and its accompaniment this speaks that vitimas all they suffered from problems of psychic order or metal. This spoke that the abduções did not pass of a social general psychological problem on the part of the people. I am not total in accordance with these affirmations. I believe that a good part of the people says the truth and these people are the ones that appeal the methods of hypnosis in aid search. These people want to know what really she happened to them and to present the truth of all the verdict. The ones that prevents the hypnosis these yes must be white of diffidence. Many people exist who if make vitimas of that it they are not truily, for this reason prevent the hypnosis not to be discovered. But if the problem of the abduções is psychological as it is that this investigator justifies the extracted implantations already of the bodies of the people! They are these details the one that we must have in mind and much attention. If that our body has the capacity to create some unknown organisms but these do not appear well of one day for the other! Curious E is these objectos in majority not to correspond to none of 65 a thousand substances known in the Land. One another subject that much polémica has generated is the subject of Where They are come the Ovnis. I believe that a good part of the comments is objectos terrestrial in tests of voo. Some of them even of total unfamiliarity of the special Governments where agencies for - military are put in charge of this type of subject. Most intriguing he is to find some people who defend that the extraterrestrial beings are come of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pleiads or Orion constellation. A great number of conjunctures exists and diversities of lives created for the people who if were thus so easy already would be catalogued á many years and would be unnecessary the intervention of the Ufologia and of space agencias to even explore planets. It would be more easy to ask to the ET's. If these people who affirm that these beings are come of the point To the o point X and Y, because they do not inform the space agencias or the program Seti Home! She would be everything much more easy and we would save millions of dollars that could be coated the families carenciadas for this world are. The human being always was very creative in special creating histories well if that a good part of them ridicule. When I say ridicule I mention á form as they interpret definitive subjects, when these do not have answers to give to ace done questions of followed. If it was thus so easy to know of where these strange creatures or people of the space are come already would know á to it much time. Everything what we read and we find in the InterNet, does not pass of rumors that of some form had been created by somebody and that with the time they had taken root. The same ace can be related called dimensions. Already people heard to speak that others exist 5 dimensions speak in 12 and 15 and for ai it are. Some comment that we still go in the 3 dimension, already others point with respect to the 5 dimension. The great doubt is as these people know if we are in the 1, 2 or 3 dimension! It will be that somebody obtains to explain duly what is a dimension of cientifica form and presenting given credíveis! He is curious that the people do not present this type of reply plausivelmente. It must to this type of situation that science decided to break the Ice. At this moment some scientists are to try to study the Parallel subject of the dimensions or Worlds. But as if study the dimensions! They do not exist referencias of as if to study these subjects. We know that the black holes absorb energy and light for the nothing. Will be this the inquiry principle? Or it will be that we can get reply in the Triangulo of the Bermuda? Einstein always defended the possibility of if being able to travel through the black holes. But until the o moment still we do not have any credível test of this subject. The people continue to have an incredible creativity to give to life histories and fábulas. He would be more correcto, these to dialogue with assumptions and not affirmations. To create affirmations it is necessary to get tests and form of being able to explain its base with reasoning. But this is the world where we live and the human being continues not to be perfect and keeping since its originalidade these defects in the scope to get profits it wants staffs or of image as also on the part of being a center of the attentions. Exactamente as they made the old Generals of Old Rome. They created fantastic histories of fights with horrendos Monsters to dissuade the enemy. What it resulted in many of the situations. It would be the same that to send a DVD to a foreign species that thought about invading the Land. DVD this that would have the most fantastic images of the Jurassic Park.
Which would be the reaction of these beings when seeing carnivorous monsters machines to kill! They would think two times before taking ownership of the Land. Or we could show films to them of the Star Troops, or Galactic. We could say that they were our parked forces algures in the galaxy. Obviously the coitados ones of the extraterrestrial ones would be estupefactos with as much power that the human beings would have and these were unaware of being disillusioned with proper them. What they did not know is that everything did not pass of manipulation. They are this type of manipulation that exists and that the human being uses to create its histories and to make to believe in its veracity. Less the most understood if they leave to lead for the subject without understanding nothing of the subject. With the time they are convictos of that they are certain 100% e that are to spread out the truth, when the reality is opposing. When collated with the truth if the forms refuse to accept these of all. The mind must remain open to all the levels of this does not have any doubts but we have limits for everything.
Á that to act with the feet you seat in the Land and the head in its perfect judgment. We
must act with the gotten knowledge already and not to leave for subjects of which any beddings do not exist or still we are not prepared. Many people will be furious when reading this text but she does not have reason to be it. If it deals with comments that must be improved and subjects that must be demystified. Creation of this type of situations must á that a great part of the people is idónea to the Ovni subject. When we speak of the subject in look at them of a strange form. They look at - in the ones of a form as if we fossemos crazy and until swindlers. These people constantly see subjects and subjects in the TV that finishes little time after being demystified. For this reason these are always apreensivas and very séticas to the dialogued subject. Because she will be that some people pass the life to see Ovnis while others do not obtain it! Investigators exist that had passed the life to study this fenomenologia and they had never obtained to observe an only Ovni. People these that efectuaram the most varied trips for some continents in search of the places with more comments of these objectos. But they had never evidenced an only comment. It will be that the Ovnis alone if shows for who wants! How is justified a situation of these? The Ufologia is a subject envolto in mystery and enigmas. But the truth is that nobody knows of where these beings are come and what they intend of the human beings. Therefore already it knows; if to appear a ET to the fondness to abduct, shows a DVD to it can be that it obtains to dissuade the ET. The abduções exist, the Ovnis also, perhaps but only in all collected stories ones 4% are exactly real or truthful. The remains do not pass of propaganda Marketing. Nor everything what it seems is...
Nuno Alves.
Ufo Portugal

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