segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2008

Projecto of World-wide photograph to the UFO


This projecto only makes possible the biggest captation of aerial anomalies in one only day.

In day 02 of August of 2008 it catches in its photographic machine and takes off how many photographs will be able.

It only has that to take off some photographs for the sky or landscapes that apanhe the framing of the sky.

_ have in attention to its redor the possibility of bird or flyer thus to not create illusion in the photo.

After having the photos it sees these in Computer.

If to find some anomaly in these as a point or spots sends in them for image analysis, as well as in them it sends the data on the photographic and local equipment where the photograph was gotten.

If subject likes it Ovnilogia “Ufologia” is not indifferent and participates in plus this event that can be made in any place for any person of any age.

It helps - in a it divulges this initiative.

Nuno Alves - Nuno_sines@

UFO Portugal -

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