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Of where they come the OSNIS?

After a substance launched to some years with the reference Based on the inquiries of (Maurice Chatelain France), (Serge Bozich and Vladimir Zaza Russia), of where the source comes the Ovnis, appears now of where they see Submarine the Osnis “Objectos Not identified”.

Plus an interesting and apaixonante substance with some consensus.

Everything is based on theory and science and stories of the antiquity the actualidade.

Of where they come the Ovnis -

The true mystery.

Many people if interrogate in what a Osni is defined what objecto is really this.

In the truth and according to stories are exactamente the same that a Ovni.

Both are the same objecto even so have different names had to the way where if they find in locomotion.

Innumerable stories exist where the people tell to see to circulate it to objectos in the atmosphere that after that they dive in deepest oceanic waters and same in lakes or rivers.

Still the one remains the mystery of the reason that takes a Ovni if to dislocate in the water.

Some factors exist to have in account everything even so not theory pass.

1 - Occult movement not being detected for the Aerial Radar.

2 - Displacement for Submarine Bases.

3 - Biological study of the oceans.

4 - Simple curiosity in observing our maritime transports.

5 - Retraction of energies in the rich places deepest in Carbon Dioxide.

I believe that these are the 5 more important factors of the history of the Osnis.

Nowadays we have good systems of aerial radar and maritime even so these have some limits.

To if walking of airplane it obtains - to dislocate itself without being detected by the aerial radar if to effect a flight of low altitude next to the Sea or Ground.

What the military forces made behind to some time before having access the technologies of aerial invisibilidade as the example of F - 117.

The same sub happens with the aquatic radars.

A considerable depth the radars leave to have an efficient functioning.

To fight this situation the Armed of the Navies of War of Many Countries uses submarines to make front to this difficulty where its Sónar “ECU” will patrol territorial waters in search of territorial invasion.

Investigators exist that believe strong that in the deep ones of the Oceans extraterrestrial submarine bases exist.

The Oceans cover 70% of the surface of the Land and are unexplored what they can be the ideal shelter for these ships

In special Russia and Argentina they had been of the first ones to perhaps believe this possibility.

Both the countries had mutually cooperated in the attempt to track these objectos that if moved the incredible speeds in the Oceans and that it was impossible to follow with the ways that we made use at the time of 1960.

Also Old President Americano, Harry S. Truman, believed this possibility when in a military exercise of the American Navy this in its berth of the Ship would have observed in first person a Osni that would have left the sea and if it places to the side of its Ship.

Already Spain in 1978, the Colonel Peter Crespí believed that the Island of Palm of Majorca would have a foreign base.

E was not alone in this assumption.

In 1979 Pep Climent it photographs mysterious objecto leaving waters of the sea.

Photograph made for Pepe Climent.

Climent and its friend Juan Coll believes that the 1,500 meters for the sea inside exist a submarine base of Ovnis, in some sea imperfection or possibly fail tectónica.

But the great mystery remains.

Of where they see these objectos mysterious?

Many and varied answers exist that already all or majority know.

Many believe that these objectos are come of other constellations Planetary Systems.

One another part believes that they are objectos that are come of another dimension.

E later we have boldest than they believe that these are our future generation.

These would be human more evolved and modified had the evolution.

That in them they would be to control in order to prevent a catastrophe as is the climatic question of the Global Heating that can be to place the existence at risk human being of a collapse.

Many the most varied answers exist of, also some that exceed our limits or same understanding.

After to have attended many programs of TV on Ovnis and Osnis, repaired that all the investigators remained all they in the same situation that the people of are that they so meet intrigued how much and same I.

None advanced with a more reasonable idea of which it was possible with our current science and knowledge.

It was then that me the Jupiter Moon occurred in the mind!

What we know this Moon is constituted by Ice and that in its interior it can be water in state I eliminate.

If thus it will be exists a good possibility of this Moon to contain life.

E in reference to the Osnis this Moon could be optimum place as port of shelter for who if it wants to keep moved away and occult of discreter looks.

The Seti program to many years that still looks come signals of space and alone two had been received but without apparent results.

Now the great question:

It will be that the Osnis, Ovnis is come of so far how much we judge!

We have at this moment the possibility of the terms well next to the Land.

For such NASA or ESA would be interesting or these two to cooperate and to send a Sounding lead the Moon Europe with the objectivo to break the superficial Ice and to insert a Submarine sounding lead of form to detect life in these waters.

This if NASA will not be already to planear to send a Sounding lead with these utilities for the Moon Europe.

At this moment all the Planets that contain water are Planetas with a good possibility to have same life that its atmosphere is of a irrespirável density.

But we must have in attention that the organisms livings creature always find half to survive ace more adverse conditions, as we can prove in the deep ones of our Oceans where beings livings creature obtain to survive in places of temperatures very raised and where the water is total toxic.

We always deviate our looks for distant Constellations.

We give to more importance the theories of which incompressible and always we overwhelm other forms to review the actualidade.

I believe that he would be sensible to look at for the Moon Europe of one another form.

We have come to ignore this Moon and to currently give more attention to our natural satellite and to the Mars Planet.

It will be that this Moon will be able to contain life!

The Osnis is registered by all history where also the Proper Egyptians, have engravings of objectos with form of Submarines.

Beyond one objecto that it is resembled what seems a Osni we have others with appearance of what they are looked like an airplane and helicopter.

This is the comment that I have come to select throughout these last Months.

It does not pass of a theory, but everything in the life was based on theories until terms the concluded end item.

I believe that when giving attention Mars, we would have of certain form to look at for this possibility.

If the Ovnis has the capacity of if to dislocate in water they imagine what the Moon Europe could not contain in its interior.

Valley the penalty to reflectir on plus this theory that in my personal opinion can have some bedding before the presented explanations.

I do not want to extend in too much this substance, of which I will go to approach later with more details, but wait that it is of the affability of all and that of some form it obtains to open the mind of all.

This substance can be copied and be divulged.

Substance elaborated for Nuno Alves.


I can assure that the O.V.N.I.S, a time that exist, are not constructed by any terrestrial power.

Harry S. Truman, old President of the States - Joined.

He discusses of the press, 4 of April of 1950.

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  1. Acredito sinceramente que exista OVNIS a ser assim como se diz e de acordo com milhares de testemunhas e depois do que tenho lido em vários sites, suponho que não só nos estão estudando como a qualquer momento podemos ser surpreendidos por uma invasão, podem ser já inúmeros se aguentam as pressões no fundo do mar e conseguem se deslocar a altas velocidades e sem serem vistos a maior parte das vezes, então lá por nunca terem atacado as pessoas não quer dizer que não seja a intenção de o fazer, estarão se preparando para algo, pode ser guerra ou tomada da posse do planeta ou ainda extração de algo imprescindível para eles que no planeta deles tenha já se acabado, ou simplesmente só passagens para se reabastecer e segui para outra dimensões o que é certo é que não pode ser de maneira nenhuma um surto coletivo dessas pessoas que diz ter visto e com detalhes, acho de verdade que deveria ser muito muito mais estudado esse fenómeno pois estamos perante algo gigantesco, não sabendo para bem ou para o mal, não devemos ser hostis mas se vem de fora devemos ter todo o cuidado, neste entre outros aspetos devemos ser nacionalistas ou “planetistas” como quiserem, mas os mais altos governantes devem dar importância a estes factos.